Wellness Feels Good! I know. You’re skeptical. Making healthy choices, finding time to exercise, and managing the stress of your busy life feels anything but good most of the time. I get it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a far better, feel-good way to approach your life and wellness. And it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… Connect, Choose, Celebrate!

The Three C’s of Wellness.


Wellness feels good when you connect with what you truly value in life and begin to live from that empowered space. What words come to mind when you think of “wellness?” Grab a pen and write them down. My guess is that you immediately came up with positive, life-affirming words like healthy, joyful, relaxed, and happy.

I call these “wellness words.” Look at your list and feel the energy and positivity of each word. Now, think of all the things you do in your life that make you feel like those words. For example, does connecting with a best friend make you feel happy? Does taking a walk feel relaxing? When you get a good night’s sleep, do you wake up feeling refreshed and excited for the day ahead? That’s what the energy of wellness feels like. It’s where your wellness journey begins. And it continues when you follow that wellness energy from moment-to-moment throughout your day.


Wellness happens when you make choices based on your wellness words. Think about it. You make hundreds of choices every day. You choose what time to wake up in the morning, what to wear to work, what to eat for breakfast, and whether or not to smile at the person serving up your morning latte.

Now imagine what would happen if you began to ask yourself the question “What can I do right now to feel like my wellness words—happy, healthy, joyful, calm?” and then made a choice based on that. Wow! That could really get the wellness energy flowing and life would begin to look and feel pretty amazing.

Start where things feel good. Connect with one of your wellness words. Choose something simple and doable that would make you feel that way, then . . .


When a choice you make feels good, celebrate that surge of positive wellness energy. Say “Yes!” out loud. Pump your fist the way athletes do after making a great play. Do a celebration dance! Don’t laugh—this is based on real science. And it works. All good habits are validated and strengthened when there is a reward at the end—an acknowledgement that you did well. Too often we forget this step and move on to the next thing in life, never giving ourselves full credit for our efforts. You will increase your chances of continuing to choose well if you validate your choice with a moment of pure, feel good celebration for your efforts!

Creating wellness moments one right after another can feel good! Simply practice the three C’s of wellness—Connect, Choose, Celebrate! — and before you know it, you’ll be living the happy, healthy, satisfying life you were meant to live.

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