5 Ways to Embrace (Not Escalate) Holiday Stress

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Monday Minute: The Plan

It’s Monday, and I know you’re busy. This feel-good wellness tip will only take a minute 🙂 My coaching business is unique. Oftentimes, I have one hour to meet someone for the first time, listen to their story… Read More

Monday Minute: A Wellness Riddle

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How to Live Well: Lessons from Inspiring Survivors

What does a 50 something woman recovering from breast cancer treatment look like? I can tell you, because I met her after one of my aqua classes at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. A Wellness Story Jill was a… Read More

One Piece of Wellness Advice I Will Never Give Again

I’m a rule follower. That’s why when I hop on a plane, which I’ve been doing regularly this year, I’m the geeky one who puts down my reading material to listen to the safety talk. The information hasn’t… Read More