Sunday Sermon: We’re All in Recovery

If you are new to my blog, welcome! “Sunday Sermon” is a post I write periodically based on conversations I had with my mom growing up (read more below). My mom passed away on a beautiful October day… Read More

Two Questions to Get You from Wallowing to Wellness

Choosing wellness over wallowing is not always easy. Especially when we look out our bedroom window in the morning, and it seems like overnight the backyard filled up with a deep, dark, slurry of all the challenging emotions… Read More

Seeds of Self-Compassion

Earlier this summer while on vacation in Minnesota, I became obsessed with these beautiful seed globes I encountered on my early morning walks. After the wildflower named Goat’s Beard is finished blooming, these shining orbs sit just off… Read More

Sunday Sermon: Wellness Advice From a Patient Angler

“Feb 6th: Steady as she goes, it’s all about perseverance when the temperature drops, there is still plenty of opportunity for the patient angler.” I stumbled upon this beautiful piece of nature writing last week in the most… Read More