Anthony Bourdain: Rethinking People on Pedestals

I’ve always been a tomboy, so I don’t own a handbag. Anthony Bourdain was my Kate Spade. I join millions of people who feel sad and confused by his passing. What’s been most surprising in the aftermath of… Read More

Monday Minute: Move More, Do More!

It’s Monday and I know you’re busy. This feel-good wellness tip will only take a minute 🙂 Last week we focused on how a simple, 10-minute walk could jumpstart your exercise program. (If you’re a new Monday Minute… Read More

Sunday Sermon: Hitting the Holiday Wall

Many years ago, my husband and I entered the Los Angeles Marathon together. We didn’t train for it. We just thought it would be fun to fly to sunny LA, stay on a friend’s boat in the Newport harbor, and run 26 miles with a number pinned to our chests. What can I say, we were young, naive, and in love.

Hit the Wall? Not Us!

I knew enough about running a marathon to know about this phenomenon called “hitting the wall.” At mile 20, even with proper training, your body will most likely run out of stored glycogen. Simply put, you run out of gas. The last 6 miles can be torture—-if you even make it to the finish line.

Just Say “No!” to Holiday Stress

Ready or not, here they come . . . the holidays! By the time you’re reading this, you’ll be drinking your favorite caffeinated beverage out of a red Starbucks cup, and feeling the nervous anticipation of the holidays…. Read More

How to Live Well: Lessons from Inspiring Survivors

What does a 50 something woman recovering from breast cancer treatment look like? I can tell you, because I met her after one of my aqua classes at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. A Wellness Story Jill was a… Read More