Wellness Resorts and Spas

Wellness Resorts and Spas

Speaking and guest presenting fitness classes and wellness programming at destination resorts and spas is top on my list of favorite wellness venues. Regardless of where I travel, each one feels like “home” to me.

Let me know your programming needs and I can create a variety of wellness experiences from single workshops and fitness classes to coordinated programming that delivers a comprehensive wellness message or set of skills and outcomes.

In addition to a variety of wellness workshops, I can also deliver single or multi-day fitness walking programs, aqua fitness programming, and individualized wellness coaching for your guests during their stay.

Here are suggestions for wellness topics that work perfectly in a destination resort setting:

9 Things I Know for Sure About Wellness (and Why There Aren’t 10!)

This evening program is guaranteed to get the wellness energy flowing for your participants or guests, and maximize the benefits of their wellness vacation.

What if I told you that there’s more to wellness than a number on a scale, the way your jeans fit, or even the blood pressure reading in your medical chart? Instead, it is a living, breathing, life force that you can feel, follow, and use from moment-to-moment to fuel the happy, healthy life you were meant to live.

It’s time for a fresh new approach to our wellness, and this is it! In this fun and upbeat presentation, the audience will:

  • Learn how to connect with the positive, feel-good energy of wellness and recognize it in the simple, everyday things that they do.
  • Feel the positive energy of wellness and learn how to use it to motivate and empower themselves to make daily, healthy, life-affirming choices.
  • Experience how wellness is POWER and how to use it to get through life’s difficult moments.
  • Learn how to connect with the positive energy of wellness and hold on to it when they return home to their busy, day-to-day lives.
Lean Into Wellness: Let Go of What’s Holding You Back and Reclaim Your Best Life!

This workshop is the perfect wellness experience for smart, savvy, hard-working women at all stages of life.

Sheryl Sandberg’s bestselling book, Lean In started a lively and pivotal conversation about how women “lean away” from pursuing the top jobs in corporate America because of conflicting feelings of fear, guilt, and obligation.

Guess what? When it comes to self-care and taking time for our wellness, we do exactly the same thing—sacrificing our health, happiness, and overall well-being in a misplaced quest to make sure everyone else around us is happy!

Don’t you think it’s time to “lean in” to your wellness and reclaim your best self? You CAN have it all—a happy, healthy, satisfying life—without abandoning that deep desire to be there for the ones you love.

In this empowering wellness workshop, participants will:

  • Connect with what they truly value about their life and wellness, and learn how the choices they make from moment-to-moment inspire their destiny.
  • Explore the external and internal “wellness leaks” that hold them back from claiming wellness for themselves and how to plug those leaks.
  • Learn how to let go of the guilt and “lean in” to positive self-care.
  • Learn why “simple” works in big ways and how to reach their goals by engaging in things they already love to do.
  • Learn a 5-step, no-fail system for “leaning in” to positive, healthy, empowering lifestyle choices 365 days a year.

Other inspired wellness workshops perfect for resort and retreat settings include:

Your Wellness Compass 

There’s good news! You already have all you need to feel your best and live your best life. Your Wellness Compass session reconnects you with the wise, intuitive, and empowered energy of your “well-self.” Once you have that energy, confidence, and power back, setting a positive course for success is easy. You will leave this session with a clear, colorful, wellness compass to guide your day-to-day journey back to feeling your best.

Inspired G.O.A.L. Setting 

Goals are important! They give life meaning and energy, and make our hopes and dreams come alive. But goals are also scary, overwhelming, and elusive! We set them and too often forget them. My Inspired G.O.A.L. Setting session uses the empowered energy of your “well-self” to help you get clear about your path and energize your actions for guaranteed success. There’s a lot about traditional goal setting that gets turned upside down in this session. Be prepared!

Life Cleanse! Let Go of What’s Holding You Back and Reclaim Your Best Life Now!

Your wellness and life’s purpose can easily become lost or buried under the myriad roles you play in your life; partner, spouse, mom, daughter, friend, caregiver, employee. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself the question, “What happened to me?” or “What’s next on the horizon?” Why not reclaim your wellness with this “Life Cleanse” session. Identify what eats up your precious time and energy, or what makes your life feel toxic and overwhelming. Reconnect with what makes you feel happy and well, and head home with a practical feel-good path for living your best life. If it feels like your life needs a bit of de-cluttering in order to move forward, this is the session for you!

Walking Toward Wellness
Meg RootHeadshots-23

I can’t think of a better path to wellness than walking!

Exercise is the single best thing we can do for our wellness, and there’s no easier or more effective way to get moving than walking! But seeing real results from a walking program, including weight loss, improved cardiovascular fitness, strength, and muscle tone, is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced.

My walking workshops are renowned and consistently recognized as eye-opening, fun, and information packed experiences that take both the results and enjoyment of walking to a whole new level. I teach proper walking technique along with skills that increase tempo, stride, and intensity. Participants learn through doing and enjoy practicing their skills like a real athlete, then head home with fun and effective workout ideas to incorporate into their walking program at home.

Walking for Wellness is a one of a kind fitness walking class or workshop series guaranteed to engage and excite participants about the health, wellness, and weight loss benefits of fitness walking.

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