Moving Feels Good! Sessions

Moving Feels Good! Sessions

“Exercise is the single best thing you can do for yourself.” Dr. Robert H. Lustig, M.D.

Moving our bodies with intention (exercise) doesn’t have to be painful, boring, or uncomfortable. Moving can feel good, but we don’t do nearly enough of it these days!

Moving Feels Good! sessions will show participants how to exercise and incorporate more movement in their lives to increase energy, elevate mood, and feel good NOW!

Each class is designed to be enjoyable and welcoming to all fitness levels. Not only will participants feel better after class, they will leave with actionable, feel-good ideas for bringing more healthy movement into their daily lives.

Tell me about your meeting or event, and I can create the perfect Moving Feels Good! session for your participants.

As an ACE-certified Medical Exercise Specialist and Group Exercise Instructor I have the experience and expertise to teach a variety of fitness, yoga, and walking for wellness classes. Here is a short list of my signature sessions:

  • Yoga Feels Good!
  • Stretching Feels Good!
  • Pilates Feels Good!
  • Walking Feels Good!

Any of these classes can also be the perfect “add-on” to your next wellness education program or group retreat.


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