Community and Health-Care Based Wellness Programs

Community and Health-Care Based Wellness Programs


Teaming up with Celebrity Chef Bill Wavrin to share healthful eating & cooking strategies for seniors.

Community based health and wellness programs are poised to be an integral part of the solution to the wellness crisis facing our country. But offering audiences high quality, evidence-based educational experiences that inspire, inform, and empower individuals to take action in their lives is a challenging endeavor.

My educational training and years living and working in the high-end destination resort industry enable me to deliver an evidence based, result-driven approach to positive lifestyle change that feels like a day at a spa—-without the price tag!

Here are a few of my presentations that work well in community-based, lifestyle disease management and prevention programs. I am also happy to create a custom approach to any wellness message or experience you would like to deliver.

9 Things I Know for Sure About Wellness (and Why There Aren’t 10!)

This keynote style address is guaranteed to get the wellness energy flowing for your meeting, retreat, or wellness event.

What if I told you that wellness has little to do with a number on a scale, the way your jeans fit, or even the blood pressure reading in your medical chart? Instead, it is a living, breathing, life force that you can feel and follow from moment-to-moment to make positive choices that lead to healthier, happier lifestyle outcomes.

It’s time for a fresh new approach to our wellness, and this is it! In this fun and upbeat presentation, the audience will:

  • Learn how to connect with the positive, feel-good energy of wellness and recognize it in the simple, everyday things they do.
  • Feel the positive energy of wellness and learn how to use it to motivate and empower themselves to make daily, healthy, life-affirming choices.
  • Experience how wellness is POWER and how to use it to get through life’s difficult moments and move past barriers that get in the way of making healthy choices.
  • Walk away with a smile on their face and an actionable, feel-good approach to living a happier, healthier life.
I Know What I Need to Do! I Just Need to Do It!

Most people know exactly what they should be doing to live a happier, healthier lifestyle: Exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, and manage the stress in their lives. The trick is doing it!

In spite of our best efforts, it’s just not that easy anymore to keep our health and wellness on track in the midst of the pressures and temptations of our everyday environment. But it is possible!

This workshop offers a positive and creative approach to wellness that will leave you feeling inspired, empowered, and jazzed to step on your own personal path toward better health and well-being—and happiness!

    • Reconnect with what you truly value about life and wellness and learn how to live and choose from that positive space.
    • Learn what’s holding you back from making life-affirming choices and how to take back your “wellness” from the negative thoughts, feelings, and actions that drain you.
    • Create a unique and powerful “Wellness Compass” that will steer you in the direction of successful weight loss, improved health, and a happier more satisfying life.
    • Learn why “simple” works in big ways and how to reach your goals by engaging in things that you already love to do.
    • Learn a 5-step, no-fail system for making positive, healthy choices that feel good 365 days a year!
Inspired G.O.A.L. Setting 

Goals are important!

They give life meaning and energy, and make our hopes and dreams come alive. We need specific, measurable, action-oriented goals and a system for accountability if we want to succeed at healthy lifestyle change.

But goals are also scary, overwhelming, and elusive! We set them and too often forget them. My Inspired G.O.A.L. Setting session uses the empowered energy of your “well-self” to help you get clear about your path and energize your actions for guaranteed success. There’s a lot about traditional goal setting that gets turned upside down in this session. Be prepared!

Walking Toward Wellness

Exercise is the single best thing we can do for our wellness, and there’s no easier or more effective way to get moving than walking! But seeing real results from a walking program, including weight loss, improved cardiovascular fitness, strength and muscle tone, is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced.

My walking workshops are renowned and consistently recognized as eye-opening, fun, and information packed experiences that take both the results and enjoyment of walking to a whole new level. I teach proper walking technique along with skills that increase tempo, stride, and intensity. Participants learn through doing and enjoy practicing their skills like a real athlete.

Walking for Wellness is a one of a kind fitness walking class or workshop series guaranteed to engage and excite participants about the health, wellness, and weight loss benefits of fitness walking.

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