Monday Minute: Inside Out Motivation

It’s Monday and I know you’re busy. This feel-good wellness tip will only take a minute 🙂

If you launched a personal wellness initiative (my new feel-good term for the dreaded New Year’s Resolution) on January 1st, you are now on Day 18 of your journey.

Congrats! (Pat on the back here . . . I’ll wait.)

That being said, a bit of checking-in may be in order—–especially if your inner voice is chirping comments like:

Is it really worth it?
Will the scale EVER budge?
Kettlebells . . . say what?

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3 Wellness Trends I’m Loving for 2016

Oh, how I wish I inherited the trendy gene in my family.

I’d fill my Instagram feed with images of Dr. Oz worthy products and probably have a lot more than 141 followers. (Anyone want to head over there and help me raise my numbers??

Convince Me

Sadly, I’m a skeptic at heart, especially when it comes to health and wellness.

I enjoy keeping up with what’s new and super cool. But getting behind the next big idea, or recommending it to my students is another story. I need to see the science before I’m in.


Dragging heavy objects . . . the jury’s still out for me.

I get the appeal of trends. They’re fresh! New! EXCITING! A risky shot in the dark to hit it big. And when it comes to wellness, “trendy wellness,” instead of “same ‘ole same ‘ole wellness,” gives us that feel-good sense of hope that THIS (whatever the flavor of the day is) could be the answer.

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Monday Minute: Move More, Do More!

It’s Monday and I know you’re busy. This feel-good wellness tip will only take a minute 🙂

Last week we focused on how a simple, 10-minute walk could jumpstart your exercise program. (If you’re a new Monday Minute follower, click here to get up to speed.)

It’s Time to Get Off Your . . . 

This week, we need to tackle the fact that we often spend the rest of the day sitting on our butts—-AND IT’S KILLING US!

But what if there was an easy, fun, and effective way to MOVE MORE, and DO MORE during your day?

A healthy, productive day sounds like wellness heaven, right?

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Monday Minute: A Wellness Riddle

It’s Monday and I know you’re busy. This feel-good wellness tip will only take a minute 🙂

Question: What does eating a bag of potato chips and a 10-minute walk have in common?

Answer: Once you get started, you just can’t stop!

Get it? (My son LOVES to say that after he tells a joke.)

Failure? Mission Impossible

The single biggest reason my 10-minute walks are NO JOKE is, once I’m out there—-I hit my stride, I feel the sun on my face, and my day begins to ooze with positivity. I almost always end up walking longer.
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New Year’s Day Does Not Have to Feel Like Ground Hog’s Day!

January 1st is the perfect time to set a positive wellness intention for the New Year.

But, let’s face it. You’re probably a bit gun shy. After all, you wouldn’t even be in the position of needing a wellness re-boot if the one you launched last year panned out, right?

What Went Wrong?

I’m sure we could sit down together over a cup of coffee and make a long list of reasons why you never made it to the finish line as the new and improved “you” in 2015.

Chances are, life threw you a few curve balls that knocked you off your new routine before it had real legs to stand on. It’s also likely that the initial excitement of your goal wore off and the temptation to settle back into your old, familiar ways won out.

We love our comfort zone. Even when it’s not good for us. It’s just so . . . comfy.
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