Failure: What’s NOT to Love About It!

Are you the “New You” you set out to be in the New Year yet?

We’re almost a quarter of the way into our New Year’s journey, and if you’re like me, you’ve already had to push the reset button on your goals a few times.

Have no fear! If you haven’t given up, which I hope is the case, I’ve got great news for all that stumbling and bumbling you’re doing. It’s the building blocks of guaranteed success!

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Monday Minute: The Plan

It’s Monday, and I know you’re busy. This feel-good wellness tip will only take a minute 🙂

My coaching business is unique.

Oftentimes, I have one hour to meet someone for the first time, listen to their story (ideally the Twitter version), and then facilitate a few clear purposeful steps in the direction of some COLOSSAL life-shift they have on their mind.

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Monday Minute: 3 Reasons to Leave the Drama to Downton Abbey

It’s Monday and I know you’re busy. This FEEL-GOOD wellness tip will only take a minute 🙂

The only thing I know about Downton Abbey is, my 87-year-old mom binge watches it on DVD whenever she’s not taking a walk (now you know where I get it), a tap dancing class, or singing in the church choir.

Spoiler Alert

So last week, when someone posted a spoiler of sorts on their Facebook page:

“I must say, I was a bit traumatized by Downton Abbey tonight. Thank goodness there was leftover birthday cake to soothe with.”

I just had to Google it.

What was so horrific about last week’s episode it led to a wellness accident involving leftover birthday cake?

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Monday Minute: Your Wellness Journey Will Fail Without This

It’s Monday, (okay, so it’s Wednesday) and I know you’re busy. This feel-good wellness tip will only take a minute 🙂

Deja Vu All Over Again

ME not getting my Monday Minute to YOU on Monday is the perfect opportunity to discuss what happens when we fall short of our best intentions.

How do we handle the late assignment, going off our “diet,” missing a week at the gym, or just general back-sliding into our old sloppy habits now that the confetti from New Year’s is all cleaned up?

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Monday Minute: 3 Convincing Reasons to Join the Breakfast Club

It’s Monday, and I know you’re busy. This feel-good wellness tip will only take a minute 🙂

Simple is Not Always Easy

Recently, a woman raised her hand in my workshop and declared with great enthusiasm:

When I eat a healthy breakfast in the morning, it changes the whole tenor of my day!

Heads began to nod. Knowing smiles appeared on faces. Chatter was heard going back and forth in agreement.

Then she continued with the dreaded, BUT . . . (I really hate that word.)

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