Ongoing Events | Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Ongoing Events | Glen Ivy Hot Springs

10689863_703856746367691_1074554020627579530_nWorkshops & Classes at Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Each week you can find me leading wellness workshops and teaching Joy Fitness classes from my home base at Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, CA. You can spend the day by the pools and mineral baths, and take in a bit of wellness along the way.

My workshop topics change with the seasons and are designed to be fun, interactive, and filled with take-home ideas to inspire your wellness journey when you leave. Check back often to learn about new workshops and classes.

Integrative Health Coaching at Glen Ivy Hot Springs

There’s no reason to let another day go by without investing in your wellness! Why not declare, “Today’s the day!” and begin making your health, well-being, and happiness a priority?

Do you feel stuck or unsure about how to move more, weigh less, make healthier eating choices, clear the clutter, or figure out how to get your life back to a happy place? Do you want to look and feel your best when summer arrives?

A one-hour personalized coaching session with me, during your relaxing spa day at the Hot Springs, can be the perfect catalyst for creating the positive change you want to see in your life.IMG_8420

My personal coaching sessions will help you:

  • Create clarity and positive energy around your life and wellness goals.
  • Reconnect with your wise and empowered “well-self,” and how to use that feel-good energy to turn your goals into successful outcomes.
  • Identify simple, doable, and effective action steps to reach your goals and get back to living your best life in a timely fashion.

Single coaching sessions are available, as well as wellness packages that include your Taking in the Waters Admission and other wellness activities.

Visit the Glen Ivy website for more information:
Call Reservations to learn more and schedule your wellness session. (951)-277-3529. Ext. 1309

January 2019

Empowered Wellness: Your Best Life Is Waiting for You!

(Note: This class will return to regular schedule soon, but is available as a personal wellness coaching session, or small private group workshop.)

We often have the best intentions when it comes to setting wellness goals or living a happy, healthy, purpose-filled life. Then life interrupts, and our best-laid plans head right out the window. It can easily leave us feeling we have “no choice” in how our days or lives play out.

Empowered Wellness is about re-connecting with the strong, intuitive side of yourself, and using that wisdom to power your day-to-day lifestyle choices.

  • Rediscover your “well-self” and what you value in life and wellness.
  • Identify the choices you make on a daily basis that empower you toward happier, healthier outcomes.
  • Learn to recognize and change course around the choices that don’t serve you.
  • Head home with an easy, feel-good system for staying on a positive path.

Take your wellness to a new and EMPOWERED LEVEL in 2019!

Join me this month at Glen Ivy (or book this workshop for your next wellness event!)

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Weekly Aqua Fitness, Strengthen and Stretch, and Yoga Classes at Glen Ivy Hot Springs (Every Monday and Wednesday in January)

Elevate your spa day to a wellness day by scheduling time to reconnect with your wellness goals and enjoy a fitness class or two. I am available for personal wellness coaching and also teach a couple of my favorite classes:

AquaFit (11am at the Central Pool)

IMG_5262There’s no better way to exercise than in a pool full of warm, supportive water! The buoyant and resistive properties of the water ease stress on the joints while providing a safe and challenging workout for all fitness levels. Enjoy upbeat music and the camaraderie of friends while energizing your body, mind, and spirit with this low impact, aqua fitness workout.

Yoga for Wellness (2pm on the Activities Deck)

IMG_7301It’s not often you get to enjoy yoga in the great outdoors, overlooking a beautiful labyrinth. Stretch, open, relax, and let go with a feel-good blend of yoga inspired stretches and postures. All levels of yoga experience are welcome. Mats, blocks, and stretching straps are provided.

Click here for more details and Glen Ivy’s full January 2019 Activities Calendar

**All Fitness and Yoga Classes are included in your Glen Ivy Taking in the Waters Admission.