Meet Meg Root

Wellness can feel good. And I can show you how.

I’m Meg Root, wellness coach, speaker, writer, and founder of Wellness Feels Good! I’ve spent over 25 years teaching and speaking about wellness at premier destination spas and resorts, including Rancho La Puerta, Green Valley Boutique Hotel and Spa, Meadowood Napa Valley, The Spa at Sea Island, The Oaks at Ojai, and Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, California.

During my time at these beautiful, peaceful, wellness-supporting places I realized that achieving wellness can be fun and enjoyable. It can feel good!

Now I’m on a mission to share that message by leading a Positive Wellness Movement. I’ve created an easy, feel-good approach to wellness that will inspire and empower you to make simple, healthy lifestyle choices without the pain, struggle, and negativity that can get in the way of you living your best life.

I know this approach works because I live it every day. But I haven’t always had such a positive outlook on wellness.

My Wellness Journey

Before I discovered that wellness feels good, I was stuck in a negative cycle of diet, exercise, failure, repeat. My weight yo-yoed. My mood swung from one extreme to the other. And I was always ready to jump on board the next fad diet or fitness craze that promised to make me thin and happy.

It was exhausting and frustrating. I was rarely thin or happy for more than a brief moment. It was not a successful approach to good health, but it was all I knew.

Sound familiar? The good news: There is a better way. I discovered it in 1985 when I landed a job as a guest fitness instructor at North America’s first destination spa, Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico. I only planned to work there for a couple of months, but something in me shifted as I eased into Ranch life.

I began to notice how good moving my body felt when it wasn’t burdened with the label of exercise. I realized that the whole foods I was eating tasted good, improved my energy level, and boosted my mood. But mostly, I felt that I was finally living my best life. I had found my path. Suddenly, I didn’t care if I was thin or fit. It was the first time in my life I felt WELL.

It was a game-changing thought and a life-changing moment.

It was my wellness “Aha!” moment. And it felt really GOOD!

From then on, I ditched the inner voice that told me painful workouts and restrictive diets were the only path to health and happiness. I replaced it with a positive and empowering wellness voice that urged me to “Do what you LOVE Meg, and the wellness will follow!”

And follow it did! Gradually, it became easier to choose healthier foods and move my body more often because I was hooked on feeling great. The better I felt, the more I was willing to do to keep feeling good. With the struggle and negativity gone, I was finally living my life with ease and positivity.

Your life can feel like this too! I want to help you have your own wellness “Aha!” moment. Join the Positive Wellness Movement and start working toward your health, fitness, and wellness goals in an empowering, feel-good way:

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Achieving wellness doesn’t have to be a painful struggle. Simply do what you love and wellness will follow! It worked for me, and I know it can work for you, too. Let me show you how.

Feel good and be well.

Chief Wellness Officer
Wellness Feels Good!