Monday Minute: A Wellness Riddle

It’s Monday and I know you’re busy. This feel-good wellness tip will only take a minute 🙂

Question: What does eating a bag of potato chips and a 10-minute walk have in common?

Answer: Once you get started, you just can’t stop!

Get it? (My son LOVES to say that after he tells a joke.)

Failure? Mission Impossible

The single biggest reason my 10-minute walks are NO JOKE is, once I’m out there—-I hit my stride, I feel the sun on my face, and my day begins to ooze with positivity. I almost always end up walking longer.

Version 2

I stumbled upon this orange tree out in the middle of nowhere! No joke!

Expert Advice

Say you walk 10 minutes a day for 7 days. Do the math . . . you’ve logged 70 MINUTES of walking without having to think too much about it. According to the experts (not your well-intentioned neighbor who swears by Crossfit, but the American Council on Exercise who does the research on this stuff), you’ve already walked MORE that you need to in one week to kickstart Phase 1 of your wellness journey! How easy is that?


Straight out of the book!

You CAN Do It!

My minute is up and you have places to go and wellness to seek. I’m in . . . are you?

Feel good. Be well. Meg

Leave a comment below and I’ll add you to my list of wellness warriors I channel positive energy to during my 10-minute walks 🙂 

9 Comments on “Monday Minute: A Wellness Riddle

  1. I think I love you because you’ve inspired me so much since 2016 and it’s only Day 4! Thanks, Meg. The timing? It helped knowing that, too. I’m wearing my FitBit again. Okay, it’s an imitation called LifeTrak that was a freebie for attending (the awful) Meredith Vieira Show! xo

    • Hi Cathy: Day 4 and you’re still on it. Success! I love simple tracking . . . my dad was a record keeper and logged his efforts in a small journal on his desk. I always set my watch when I hit the trail. It keeps me honest. Onward! (PS: MV . . . that bad? I’ve wanted to go see her show)

    • Dogs make the best walking companions! Especially where you live and they are allowed to run freely.

    • I’ve got you on my list, Leslie. Four days in . . . I hope you are doing WELL. Thought of you today as I circled the park. Hope you are feeling the good vibes.

  2. Thanks Meg, for getting me up on my feet several years ago. I have continued, in some form, to carry on. As you know, I’m presently walking 30 to 45 minutes daily. If it wasn’t for your 2 years of twice weekly patience with me, I’d be a real couch potato by now!

    • Yes, Doris. You have a great track record with your wellness. Looking forward to keeping it up with you this spring. Let’s do it!

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