3 Wellness Trends I’m Loving for 2016

Oh, how I wish I inherited the trendy gene in my family.

I’d fill my Instagram feed with images of Dr. Oz worthy products and probably have a lot more than 141 followers. (Anyone want to head over there and help me raise my numbers??

Convince Me

Sadly, I’m a skeptic at heart, especially when it comes to health and wellness.

I enjoy keeping up with what’s new and super cool. But getting behind the next big idea, or recommending it to my students is another story. I need to see the science before I’m in.


Dragging heavy objects . . . the jury’s still out for me.

I get the appeal of trends. They’re fresh! New! EXCITING! A risky shot in the dark to hit it big. And when it comes to wellness, “trendy wellness,” instead of “same ‘ole same ‘ole wellness,” gives us that feel-good sense of hope that THIS (whatever the flavor of the day is) could be the answer.

Who Really Benefits?

Let’s be honest though. Trends are also golden opportunities for the trendsetters because we are a culture more than happy to throw our hard earned money at hopeful remedies.

Remember the thigh master? The Tony Little healthrider? The Shake Weight?

It’s seems like Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank is the only one willing to call out such ridiculousness. I love when he says: “It’s a trend. I don’t see it sticking. I’m out.”

But this year I’m hopeful. I’ve spotted 3 wellness trends that show feel-good promise. And frankly, it’s time. Paleolithic gluten-free diets and equally punishing boot camp style workouts just haven’t panned out for us regular folk.

Here are three of my New Year favorites that show big promise for delivering wellness to your doorstep:

Women’s Empowerment Movement

The editor of a magazine I read regularly (I can’t remember which one) declared that “women’s empowerment” is a trend to keep an eye on this year. I say, what are we waiting for? I’ll head into this one with my eyes closed!

What could be the downside of women feeling more empowered in their lives? Taking real ownership of our thoughts, voices, bodies, energy, time, paychecks, LIVES, and overall well-being could only lead to good things in my book.


Sue Hitzman, creator of the Melt Method, empowered us with her success story.

  • Jumping on board this trend would mean empowering yourself to live confidently, choose decisively, and think positively about your ability to make the life-changing, day-to-day, moment-to-moment choices that lead to your best and healthiest life.

You can do this! You are strong! Red wine, cheesecake, and Netflix have no power over you!

Oprah Putting Her Weight Behind the Weight Watcher’s Program

Anything Oprah touches turns to gold. I know this for sure because the day my husband accepted the job as Spa Director at Miraval Resort and Spa in Tucson, AZ many years ago, Oprah declared it one of her favorite things and gifted a spa vacation to everyone in the audience. Miraval shot to number one and my husband had not even stepped on the property.

Of course, he would have had the same effect, it just would have taken a bit longer ☺️

Oprah’s endorsement of this practical, proven, albeit imperfect, weight loss approach could be just what it needs to be branded the “it” diet of the year. I know critics love to snark it’s just a savvy business move on Oprah’s part, or that people tend to gain the weight back—-who doesn’t yo yo on any diet?

But Weight Watchers still has a lot going for it like real food, eaten at regular intervals, in moderate quantities, with a user-friendly accountability system for support. Kinda brilliant when you think about it.


Is that real food? Can I really eat that on Weight Watchers?

  • Jumping on board this trend would mean you are taking a meaningful step to be more mindful and accountable in your approach to how you fuel your body. Recognizing the direct link between the foods you eat and how you feel everyday is the mindset that leads to feel-good wellness. 

Never say diet again? Well, maybe just this one last time.


What, you haven’t heard about this one yet? That’s because it currently doesn’t have a celebrity endorsement. Just little ‘ole me planning an all out splashy word of mouth campaign to share the wellness benefits of walking with the world.

I know. WALKING, you say—-it’s so pedestrian. Even worse, it’s free. No money to be made.

I can hear Mr. Wonderful now. “It’s not a business. Anyone can do it! I hate it! I’m out!”

I don’t care. Everything trendy folks hate about it, I LOVE. Easy—free—–feel-good—-friendly. We need more exercise options like that.


Moving toward wellness can be easy!

  • Jumping on board this trend would mean that you have a readily available source of wellness right at your fingertips—-or toe tips—-in this case. Exercise is the single best thing we can do for our bodies, and walking just makes good sense. 

If you haven’t found your cardio of choice, this one could be for you.

Wellness For All!

My big struggle with trends; they can feel EX-clusive. Like a luxury vacation the rest of us haven’t been invited on.

What I love about my top three; they’re full of equal opportunity wellness.

  • Feeling empowered around your choices: CLAIM IT! DO IT! FEEL IT!
  • Joining a Weight Watchers program, or simply keeping a food log for a week: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
  • Walking: READY . . . GO!

I know it’s time for me to break out of my “same ‘ole same ‘ole” wellness rut this year. Will you join me?

There are big, feel-good payouts to be had in this trendy trio—-and we don’t even have to be in Oprah’s audience to win!

Are you trying anything new, different, or exciting with your wellness routine this year? I’m feeling open to new ideas. Hit me with a good one!

Feel Good. Be Well. Meg

2 Comments on “3 Wellness Trends I’m Loving for 2016

  1. So the thigh master doesn’t work? What about a thigh mistress? As for me, I am available as a celebrity endorser of walking! Love this post!

    • It sure worked for Suzanne, but I’m not sure about the rest of us! Why do I keep forgetting that I know a couple of fitness celebrities? I’ll have my people call your people! Thanks for sauntering by.

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