New Year’s Day Does Not Have to Feel Like Ground Hog’s Day!

January 1st is the perfect time to set a positive wellness intention for the New Year.

But, let’s face it. You’re probably a bit gun shy. After all, you wouldn’t even be in the position of needing a wellness re-boot if the one you launched last year panned out, right?

What Went Wrong?

I’m sure we could sit down together over a cup of coffee and make a long list of reasons why you never made it to the finish line as the new and improved “you” in 2015.

Chances are, life threw you a few curve balls that knocked you off your new routine before it had real legs to stand on. It’s also likely that the initial excitement of your goal wore off and the temptation to settle back into your old, familiar ways won out.

We love our comfort zone. Even when it’s not good for us. It’s just so . . . comfy.

IMG_8136But I know a bit about goal setting, goal achieving, and epic goal failing. I’ve done all three, and enough of the last one to know, what really trips us up is not seeing and feeling results fast enough (or should I say, immediately!)

If only we could tap into the feel-good energy of success sooner, we could use it to hit the walking trail when we’re not ”feeling it,” or just say “No!” to the late-night bowl of ice cream that gets us in trouble every time.

No Cause Too Small for Celebration

The good news is, you can!

The empowering energy in the “big reveal”—-hitting the magic number on the scale or fitting back into your favorite pair of jeans—-is alive, vibrant, and well in the small, incremental, seemly inconsequential action steps you take every day to move your goals and intentions forward. And since we all know that EVERY STEP is an important part of our journey, nothing should be too small to celebrate:

  • IMG_5357

    A healthy mid-week meal is always  cause for celebration in my house!

    A ten-minute walk.

  • A healthy meal prepared in the middle of a busy week.
  • Silencing your cell phone for the evening.
  • Getting up from your desk to stretch or walk during the day.
  • Breathing through a stressful situation and realizing that it works!

In fact:

Celebrating each action step like it’s the BIG REVEAL! is the single most powerful thing you can do to achieve your treasured goals. (feel free to tweet that!)

Not only does it deliver a positive jolt of energy that says, “I’ve got this one!,” celebrating your small, everyday successes validates and reinforces what you’re doing right along the way. It keeps you moving and doing in the right direction until your SMALL EFFORTS begin to deliver BIG RESULTS.

It’s Easy to Celebrate


I’ve learned a lot about celebrating from the athletes in my family.

Celebrating is simple!

Just stop for a brief moment each time you take a positive action step toward your goal. Tap into the feel-good energy of your effort and give yourself a thumbs up or a real-life pat on the back. (If you can’t reach, you probably could use a bit of stretching 🙂

Think about the football player who runs around with his hands in the air after making a first down. It’s not a touch down . . . but without the incremental yardage, there’s no end zone in sight.

You Can Do This!

Mastering the art of CELEBRATION takes practice though. As good as we are at supporting and encouraging the people around us, most of us don’t feel all that comfortable celebrating our own efforts. It takes courage, letting go of perfection, and allowing ourselves to feel happy, healthy, and worthy even before we reach the finish line.

Could this be your year to do things differently? I say, of course it can!

Why not give the healthy New Year’s Resolution thing one more try, with the caveat that every thing you do in the direction of your goal gets rewarded with confetti, horns, and high fives. My guess is the new and improved “you” is one simple act of feel-good wellness away!

C’mon! Let’s resolve together, to be happier and healthier in the New Year ahead. I’d love to know your plans. We can celebrate together!

Feel Good. Be Well. Meg

IMG_8123Wellness Prompt: Let’s get the celebration started! Take out a clean sheet of paper and a few colorful pens if you have them. Write “Celebration Log” at the top of the page in fun letters. Then make a list of all the big, small, and seemingly minuscule things you did this year to support your best life. Read them over and over again and feel the energy of your efforts. Take that with you into the New Year. I see great things in your future (and a few in mine too)!

4 Comments on “New Year’s Day Does Not Have to Feel Like Ground Hog’s Day!

  1. You are a great cheerleader and inspire me every time I read your words, whether it’s here or on FB. Thanks, Meg, for giving me a little more confidence than I give myself. Here we go!

    • What would we do without our wonderful community of cheerleaders? It is amazing how we keep each other going. Right back at you, and here’s to an amazing year ahead. I’m ready. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Meg you are amazing. Reading this today has inspired me even more to make this my best year yet. As you know I struggle everyday with my weight and lately have just been eating myself to death and I feel horrible. I will beat this! Thank you for your words of encouragement ❤

    • Leslie! Happy New Year. I am so glad to hear from you Yes. You said it yourself—you can do this! I think that could be a powerful wellness mantra for the New Year. It was mine last year, and it got me over a lot of stumbling blocks. Write it on an index card, post it where you will see it daily, or where you need to be reminded of it most–and then make it happen as a gift to yourself. Give me a call. I will cheerlead you in person! And congrats on your new job. I hope it’s going well. Meg

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