Sunday Sermon: A Sliver of Wellness

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Sunday Sermon, wellness friends.

But this morning, I sat on my meditation cushion, feeling sad over so many things—-Paris, the suffering in the world, my friend who has a day ahead of her no mother should ever have to face, and selfishly—all the heartfelt struggles in my own life.

I felt overwhelmed. Yet, surprisingly resolute to FEEL what I was feeling.

I remembered I read somewhere to put your hand over your heart and feel it beating. I did. An image of my hand, softly cradling a small bird came to my mind.


Yes, I drink coffee and meditate!

Tears welled up right behind it, even though I wasn’t sure if you’re allowed to cry when you meditate.

And then I remembered a beautiful piece of wellness advice I heard one time from an expert on these things—-she said:

“Cry when you need to. Stop when you’re done. Feel good now.”

So, I did. And she was right. Just beyond the tears, there was a sliver of wellness. Not much, but enough to get me to the next moment . . . and even the next.

I finished my session with one of my favorite wellness games. Try playing it when your heart feels heavy and the door to wellness feels shut tight as a drum. Pick a book—-I chose Pema, of course. Open it to a random page and begin reading. Trust you will find it there—-your way back in.

Today did not disappoint. Pema said:

“On the spot—-or as a daily practice—-we can reaffirm our intention to keep the door open to all sentient beings for the rest of our life. That’s the training of a spiritual warrior.”IMG_8049

I even made a little wellness card, and added it to the collection I keep near my desk. Simple life-saving reminders for tough times.

When life gets complicated, simple always works for me. Maybe it will for you too.

What works for you when life gets complicated? I’d love to know.

Feel Good. Be Well. Meg

522486_468852213186262_1702625023_nAbout my Sunday Sermon: Sunday Sermon is a tribute to my beautiful 87 year old mom, who was teaching me about wellness before the word was part of our daily lexicon. She used to give me long “lectures” on life–as only a mother can do–while we shared breakfast at Harry’s Luncheonette in Princeton. When she was finished talking, I’d often laugh and say, “Thanks for the sermon, mom. Does that mean I don’t have to go to church on Sunday?” When I stumble on a wellness thought and take the time to write about it for fun and personal insight, it makes me think of those good times.


2 Comments on “Sunday Sermon: A Sliver of Wellness

  1. Your post solidifies the knowledge I have that I know we are so like-minded. Today was a truly difficult one. Paris. A mother saying good-bye to a daughter – way too soon. And this and that going on that weighs heavy on my heart. I know I was meant to read this post. I certainly was. Oh, I love Pema, too.

    Thank you for writing this. Thank you so much.

    • Yes, Cathy. We are all so connected, so the same, so in this together. If we could only grasp that, perhaps there could be some progress. Until then, life is certainly not for the faint of heart! Good thing we have our writing and each other! Thanks for visiting and sharing. I know where both our hearts were today.

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