5 Reasons to Turn Up the Heat on Your Wellness Program


Channeling mum season.

How did it get to be August?

The past few days reminded me why this time of year is often referred to as the “dog days” of summer. The temperature in my neck of the woods spiked to over a hundred this weekend, and I know there’s a lot more of where that came from ahead. But I don’t care how much hot weather is still in the forecast. For me, August signals the downhill slide into my favorite time of year–autumn.

Happy New Year!

While many wellness coaches save their “fresh start” speech for the New Year, I say why wait until then to turn up the heat on your wellness efforts? In spite of the heavy air and dry, brittle hillsides, the end of the summer can actually be perfect timing for a new beginning.

Need convincing?

Here are my 5 hottest reasons NOT to wait until January to light a fire under your health and wellness:

  1. Woo! Hoo! The kids are back in school! (Did I say that too loud?) Don’t get me wrong, I love having my boys home on vacation. It gives me a chance to take a few weeks off from my “nagging mom” role. But when the doors of the school bus close behind our kids, there’s a moment of blissful silence that’s an invitation to take a deep breath and turn our attention inward. Why not use those sounds of silence to your benefit? Take a ten minute walk, sit down with a cup of tea and read something inspiring, or meditate for 5 minutes. (I love this beginner meditation video featuring Sharon Salzberg and Dan Harris on Happify.) Beginning the day with a brief wellness check-in sets you up for a positive, productive day ahead.
  2. Cooler weather is on the way. Okay, maybe I’m reaching on this one. But at the very least, the early morning and evening hours will begin to cool off soon. You can use the longer summer days to get a morning exercise routine in place before the winter months set in, or set out after dinner for a stress relieving walk before managing the evening homework shift. Exercise is your biggest ally in life. Just do it! (A little tough love, because I care!)

    My “sweet as honey” friends from Bobcat Farms.

  3. Fresh produce everywhere! Farmer’s markets, like the #coronafarmersmarket in my town, are brimming with the summer’s bounty. What a great opportunity to venture out of your meat and potatoes comfort zone and strive to get more fresh veggies onto your plate. Even if you don’t have the local organic thing going on where you live, big box grocery stores have their best selection and lowest prices at this time of year. Heres’ a fun recipe for Summer Vegetarian Tacos with Avocado Cream and Feta from a food blog I love, called Naturally Ella. If these don’t make you want to go veggie for at least one meal, I don’t know what will!
  4. Less people at your favorite places for wellness. We love the busy season at Glen Ivy Hot Springs where I hang my wellness hat, but 50 people in the 11am aqua class? Talk about close quarters! The autumn and winter months are a wonderful time to experience the contemplative side of destinations like the hot springs. Plan a wellness day for yourself. Arrive early and find a quiet corner of the spa. Bring a journal and take some time to reflect on your wellness path. Explore new wellness avenues with a workshop or fitness class. My August/September workshop, Inspired Change, is all about charting a feel-good course for your wellness.

    My son and I enjoying a Sunday morning swim at our deserted community pool.

  5. Holiday madness is just around the corner. I hate to jump the gun with annoying reminders that the holiday season is next on our to-do list, but we know it’s coming. Let’s all agree now that we are going to handle this one differently. (Are you with me?) Why not use the next few months to get the new you in place—-that person who continues to exercise, eat healthfully, and savor the wellness life, regardless of holiday craziness.

Bring on the Pumpkins!

I’ve studied enough yoga and meditation to know that I should “live in the moment” and enjoy each day. I agree . . . most of the time. But when my car thermometer reaches 91 degrees at 9:01 in the morning (no joke—-that’s happened before), I say, “bring on the pumpkins!” I’m looking forward to my favorite time of year to get moving again, and I hope I’ve convinced you to do the same.

Feel good. Be well. Meg

Who else exhales a decadent sigh of relief when the kids go back to school? Do you have something you do for yourself right off the bat to celebrate? I want to know.

or try this week’s wellness prompt . . .

IMG_1750Wellness Prompt: What part of taking care of yourself have you put on the back burner during the busy summer months? Take a moment to write about it. What do you need to do most to get yourself back on track—-More movement? Healthier food? More balance? A new passion? Is there some space in your life this fall to make that happen for yourself? I bet there is! 10 minute write . . . Go!

6 Comments on “5 Reasons to Turn Up the Heat on Your Wellness Program

  1. I do look forward to each season. I love apples, pumpkin, and farmers markets this time of year. However, it seems like summer went too fast and I haven’t had enough summer fun yet.

    • Yes, summer went super fast for us too. But it was a king of “time flies when you’re having fun” kinda thing. I guess it’s a trade off!

  2. I’ve always felt that the beginning of fall is like the New Year. It just seems like starting over time. As soon as our temps die down some I can’t wait to get back outside again!

    • Me exactly. We finally had a cool down these last couple of days and it feels really good. I hope the same for you too!

    • I’m with you Lori. Farmer’s markets over traditional grocery stores put me in a wellness frame of mind. Thanks for stopping by!

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