Seeds of Self-Compassion


My summer obsession.

Earlier this summer while on vacation in Minnesota, I became obsessed with these beautiful seed globes I encountered on my early morning walks. After the wildflower named Goat’s Beard is finished blooming, these shining orbs sit just off the side of the road and patiently wait for their seeds to be dispersed by gentle breezes and passing cars. I agree with one nature writer I stumbled upon, these golden spheres may be even prettier than the flower itself.


Yellow Goat’s Beard

During my vacation, I also watched “Pretty Woman” for the millionth time, on a rainy morning when there was nothing else to do.

Do you remember that scene at the end when Vivian turns to her best friend and says, “We think you got a lot of potential, Kit De Luca?”

It was really a ‘best friends’ kind of moment. We’ve all had those.

But what if you said that to yourself today? (I know, it’s a bit of a stretch.)

What if you launched yourself into the week ahead feeling like you had unlimited potential to do whatever it is you want to be doing?

Wouldn’t that change everything?

There’s so much wellness in that scene between Vivian and Kit, that we can’t let it go by unnoticed. And there’s also no reason why we have to wait for our best friend to say it to us.

Let’s just say it to ourselves and get on with it. It’s what I plan to do for the week ahead and beyond.

Self-compassion. It’s a wellness practice we could all practice more often.

Feel good. Be well. Meg

What’s up with your wellness this week, and what would it take for you to support your efforts wholeheartedly and without reservation? I’d love to know!

. . . or try this week’s wellness prompt on your own:

IMG_6713Wellness Prompt: Practicing self-compassion is not always easy, but it always leads to wellness. Think about the words you say to yourself when things don’t seem to go your way, or you don’t “measure up.” Write them down so you recognize them when they come up. What would you say to your best friend in that same situation? Write that down also. Practice replacing your BFF voice with your go to mean girl voice and then connect with how that feels. Much better, right? 

14 Comments on “Seeds of Self-Compassion

  1. Thanks for the nudge to practice self-compassion. And thanks for introducing me to the Yellow Goat’s beard. Have a lovely summer, Meg.

    • You’re welcome Karen. My trip to Minnesota was a tag along with my boys while they were at hockey camp. There wasn’t much sightseeing to do in the area, so I rediscovered my love of wildflowers and spent the week getting back up to speed. It was an unexpected highlight of my summer!

  2. I love Mondays 🙂 but I am heading into a heck of a week 🙂 I am going to make my mantra: I am filled with unlimited potential.

    • Ha! I just read your blog. I think you’ve got this one!!! Have a great week–and remember, when things get overwhelming . . . there’s always tomorrow!

  3. This is most definitely not one of my strong points. I am much harder on myself than anyone else in my life, but I’m working on being kinder – to me!

    • Yes! It always surprises me (or maybe not), that successful women have the most trouble with this. If it helps, I share in my workshops that a Harvard study compared people with high self esteem with people who practiced self-compassion. It found that the latter group was happier. When I embraced it as a wellness practice, I got much better at it. Thanks for reading! You’ve got a lot of potential, Sharon (I’ll say it until you can!!)

  4. Great reminder Meg. And wonderfully written, I might add!

    • Thanks so much Marla–both for reading, and for the positive writing vibes!

  5. One of the greatest lessons I walked away with from counseling was self compassion — treating myself as well as I treat others. I think that began to make one of the biggest differences in my life.

    • Yes, I would agree . . . a game changer. Thanks for connecting.

    • Ha! I’d say that you sound slightly self-compassion challenged. But I wouldn’t worry about it! I always say we get full credit for just putting it all out there on the table!!

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