Sunday Sermon: Wellness Advice From a Patient Angler

“Feb 6th: Steady as she goes, it’s all about perseverance when the temperature drops, there is still plenty of opportunity for the patient angler.”

“Bandit,” a friendly, bait stealing snowing egret.

I stumbled upon this beautiful piece of nature writing last week in the most unlikely place. I love the outdoors, and before we had kids, my husband and I spent every weekend taking long luxurious hikes on whatever trails were near our house. Now that we have two hockey playing sons and live in suburbia–it’s harder to get out.

So, I forget the lessons that nature has to offer. Like the one shared by this writer: Timing is everything. Be steady and patient in your efforts. Persevere.

I feel the excitement and opportunity he talks about in slowing down and waiting for just the right moment to snap my line taught.

Captain Pete

The writer? My brother-in-law Captain Pete. The unlikely place? A post on his Naples Fishing Charters Facebook Page.

Even if you’re not a fisherman, his page is worth a follow. He makes people’s dreams of catching the big one come true everyday. Their smiles are as big as the fish they catch. They will make you smile too.

The real gold for me though, are his nature musings and what he sees when he’s out on the water. As I said, I don’t spend much time off of the pavement these days, so his observations remind me to slow down and look at things more softy in my own life. Maybe they would for you too.

Thanks Captain Pete. I’m casting my line out today. I have a sense that if I take your advice, I might catch me some WELLNESS!

Who else is on board?

Go in Peace.

Feel good. Be well. Meg

WELLNESS PROMPT: What’s up with your wellness these days? Is there an area of your life that might benefit from a softer approach? What if you slowed down, sat quietly and waited like a patient angler? Would you snag the wellness you’re looking for?  10-minute write . . . go!


MomAbout my Sunday Sermon: Sunday Sermon is a tribute to my beautiful, 86 year old mom, who was teaching me about wellness before the word was part of our daily lexicon. She used to give me long “lectures” on life–as only a mother can do–while we shared breakfast at Harry’s Luncheonette in Princeton. When she was finished talking, I’d often laugh and say, “Thanks for the sermon, mom. Does that mean I don’t have to go to church on Sunday?” When I stumble on a wellness thought and take the time to write about it for fun and personal insight, it makes me think of those good times. 

6 Comments on “Sunday Sermon: Wellness Advice From a Patient Angler

    • Thanks for visiting Tracey! You too! I’ve been following and loving your recent posts as they prompt me to think about my own wellness when life interrupts. Stay warm, my friend.

  1. Lovely post Meg! Those Sunday sermons from our Moms always serve us well into the future, even though at the time we may be thinking “can I just eat my pancakes now” :))

    • Ha! That sure is the truth. Though now, more than ever, I am glad for those sermons for both their content and the love behind them. I hope Jimmy will feel the same 30 years down the road!

  2. I have always dreamed of taking my husband on one of these fishing excursions. One day perhaps, he takes care of others including me so beautifully and has made caregiving full time for my mom possible I would love to surprise him with something like this!

    • What a great surprise that would be! It’s funny because Pete’s excursions are often on people’s “bucket lists.” I love that. It’s so much more than fishing for many people. One of these days, we are going to get down there too! Thanks for visiting Rena.

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