The Five Best Tips I’ve Heard For Living Well This Year

I always feel a bit guilty after giving one of my wellness workshops. In spite of my painstaking efforts to prepare and deliver my best material, I often feel like I learn more from my students than they learn from me.

IMG_5033Just look around my office and you’ll see that I have enough wellness books to open a small library dedicated to fixing whatever ails you. But week after week, I find that the most valuable wellness advice I hear doesn’t come from the experts. It comes from the real people in my workshops who share how they stay in their WELLNESS ZONE while juggling cranky kids, horrible bosses, and stressful, overstuffed lives.

Their stuff works for one reason. It’s simple! And simple means that it’s doable and repeatable even when life gets crazy—which is most of the time. Although their results are anecdotal, they are real and tangible: pounds lost, races won, and feelings of wellness achieved against all odds. It’s obvious from listening to them that they’ve found a wellness groove that works.

That’s why I’m sharing these flashes of wellness brilliance with you today along with some insight into why they might work for you. Though I can’t remember their names, I give them full credit and thank them for sharing:

“I lost 38 pounds with one simple change. I cleared out my pantry and loaded up my fridge.”
Eating foods with a shorter shelf life will add years to your own life. Lean meats, and colorful fresh fruits and vegetables also have fewer calories, allowing you to EAT MORE and WEIGH LESS. What a concept!

“I start each day with a healthy breakfast. It makes all the difference.”
I second that! According to the National Weight Control Registry, people who eat breakfast weigh less that breakfast skippers. Eating a healthy breakfast puts you in a wellness mindset and ensures that you won’t hit the pastries when you get the late morning munchies.

“I finished my first 5K race with a supportive group of friends and lost 20 pounds in the process!”
The single best thing we can do for our wellness is to move more! Having a tangible goal and the support of our BFF’s can be a great way to overcome the inertia of the holidays. I love this tip because it’s empowering, achievable, and FUN!

“The first thing I do when I open my computer in the morning is go straight to the comics. I like to start every day with a smile.”
We all know how good it feels to laugh. Doesn’t it make perfect sense that starting the day on a positive note would only lead to more of the same? After all, laughter IS good medicine. Schedule some into your day.

“Don’t say MAYBE when you want to say NO!”
I think I might have seen this one on Facebook, but who doesn’t relate? Saying no to things that no longer serve us—activities, destructive actions and thought patterns, people who drag us down—can free up precious time and energy to spend on our wellness. Try saying NO more often in the new year and see how good it makes you feel.

If our New Year’s Resolutions have any hope of sticking beyond the first week in February, we need real life solutions that can stand up to even the most challenging days. Simple, doable, repeatable—it’s what I call a SIMPLE ACT OF WELLNESS!

Hit me with your best one in the comments below!

WELLNESS PROMPT: Do any of these tips resonate with you? What are your best wellness practices to get through this crazy busy life? 10-minute write . . . go!

Feel Good. Be Well. Meg

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