Do You Talk Yourself Out of Wellness?

Have you ever considered the words and phrases you use around your wellness efforts may be contributing to your resistance toward lifestyle change?

My husband and I worked under the same manager early in our careers. When she handed us our paycheck at the end of each week, she always smiled and said, “Here is your reward!”

I remember how we used to walk away feeling amused and a bit befuddled by her choice of words. After all, we had just labored for 40 long hours to earn that “reward.” A simple “Thank you for your efforts” would have felt more appropriate.

Don’t get me wrong. We loved our boss and our jobs, and knew her words weren’t meant as a slight. But they never failed to put a damper on the most important day of an employee’s life—-payday!

Words Have Power!

I was reminded of that story this week, as I found myself listening to the words people use when they talk about their wellness efforts. Here are a few examples:

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Why You Need to Be Nicer To Yourself to Win at Wellness

WOMAN ISO WELLNESS PARTNER: Out of shape working mom of two young boys, average body type, below average motivation, seeking similar for regular workouts and emotional support.

It isn’t news that having a supportive, like-minded, wellness buddy increases your chances of long-term success when trying to make positive lifestyle changes. But connecting with just the right person can be like posting your profile on Match.com and hoping for the best.

You need someone who will get you out of bed before the kids get up, but won’t be too perky at six in the morning. They also need to enjoy similar activities, but can’t be better at them than you are.

Most of all, your ideal wellness buddy would offer support and compassion when you stumble along the way or get discouraged when results don’t come quickly enough.

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5 Ways to Embrace (Not Escalate) Holiday Stress

Yesterday, I received an alert from Pinterest that “green bean casserole” is trending this week.

I guess the great race to the holiday season is on!

Like many of you, I actually felt panic set in the day after Halloween when my morning Starbucks arrived in . . . say what? . . . a GREEN cup! After last year’s controversy, all I could think was, “How could they do this to us? We asked for snowflakes and reindeer!”

Relax Already!

There’s no doubt the holiday messages come earlier and earlier each year, and they can do a number on our wellness if we’re not careful.

While many people EMBRACE their white peppermint mocha in a green cup and begin to make detailed to-do lists around holiday occasions and gift giving, there are others like me who tend to ESCALATE seasonal stress until we arrive at the New Year in an exhausted, overfed, underexercised heap.

Making Peace with the Holidays

If you’re feeling the rumblings of holiday stress in the form of sleepless nights, anxious days, and waning wellness motivation, maybe you’ll join me this year and press the pause button for a moment.

There’s plenty of time for us to get on board with Santa’s happier helpers, and set in motion a healthier approach to seasonal stress.

Here are my top five tips to help you EMBRACE the holiday season ahead: Read More

5 Ways to Beat the Heat from 2 Cool Cats

Summer is here and it’s hot . . . everywhere!

While this season has a lot going for it in the wellness department, like longer days (more time to exercise), and farmer’s markets brimming with fresh local veggies (lots of healthy meal prep options), who has the energy and motivation to workout or cook when record temperatures are making the evening news?

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The ONLY Way You’ll Ever Reach Your Goals

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Summer is barely a week old, and my kids are already bartering with me. (Can anyone relate?)

Just after school let out, we headed to the beach on a mini vacation, where our boys took a surfing lesson and immediately fell in love with the sport.

When we got home, my youngest said to me:

“Mom, how many books do I need to read for you to buy me a surfboard?”

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